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Beijing China has been the stage of the world observing the Olympic Games. Athletes have gathered from countries large and small to display their athletic ability and compete for the highest honor of a gold medal. We love to see our favorite athlete or team take their place to receive the highest honor after winning their event..(read more)
We are on a prophetic time, a kairos moment now that I believe that this upcoming fall is going to be a great opportunity for the children of God. This fall God wants to position His people for opportunities that will affect their tomorrows. You decisions today are the seed for your future..(read more)
The Spirit of the Lord has been speaking to me about the financial increase that is going to come upon the body of Christ. I am convinced that God is positioning His people for a tremendous financial increase. When darkness covered Egypt there was still light in Goshen. When our nation is struggling financially, God is going to financially bless His people with favor.
Has the fires on the altars in America gone out? Altars without fire is like going to Church without God showing up. We end up having performances of personalities on display rather than offering ourselves as living sacrifices on altars of fire.
There must be a perpetual flame!
This flame of fire must first be on the altar of our hearts. Our hearts must begin to burn again for God's presence.
We are in a time spiritually where there is an awakening occurring in the body of Christ. As this awakening occurs God then shifts us into a place of acceleration. However, there are many people, churches, and ministries that are not functioning at their full potential. The spirit that has lulled the body of Christ to sleep is robbing people to walk in the fullness of their inheritance. Click Here
We all want to experience success and satisfaction in life. True success is more than monetary gain. Success is understanding and fulfilling your purpose in life. Within every persons purpose there is a series of assignments. When God gives an individual an assignment he also empowers you with the necessary means to fulfill it. This is your rod of authority. When a person identifies his rod of authority he will discover the strengths that will take him from a place of frustration to a place of fulfillment. (Read More)
Throughout this year I have teaching on the Laws of Increase. I realize that many people have their own personal reasons why they have not been able to increase in their life. However, No matter who you are or what your situation.
When God gives you a vision and you start building according to that vision, when you finally make up your mind to do what God has called you to do there will be a spirit of opposition that will rise up against you. Your vision, if given from God, is a form of God's agenda being released in to the earth. It is an expression of the will of God.
I am back home now after returning from a trip that included the regions of Baltimore as well as South Carolina. However, before I went on those trips I conducted a prophetic gathering here in Austin, TX. We have had extremely hot weather as well as a drought here in the region. God began to bring forth a word on that Tuesday that dealt with " What To Do When Your Brook Dries Up".
If you have ever received a prophecy from the Lord and that word has yet to be fulfilled this may be a reason why. When God gives you a prophetic word, a dream, that deals with something in the future. Before you see the manifestation of that word, you will go through a period of testing.